Batch processing of Sentinel-2 with Sen2Res

The batch processing of sen2res does not work in SNAP 7.0. I used it in the past nicely, but it doesn’t work now.

The graph works ok from the graph builder and relatively fast (so it is not too heavy), but when I try the same with the batch processor (for multiple images), when I hit run, it does nothing.

With gpt, I cannot even make it work with a single image. I get a strange error:
Error: [NodeId: SuperresOp] Operator ‘SuperresOp’: Unknown element ‘x__min’

Any ideas?

Hi @zinoviam,
The problem seems to come from the graph, could you publish the graph here?

Thank you in advance,

here it is myGraph.xml (2.1 KB)

Have you tried with only one underscore?
x_min instead of x__min
Because all the parameters names contain only one underscore.
That’s why I wonder why it can work with the GraphBuilder.

yes I did. Still it doesn’t work. I even tried to delete it, because it is not using it. It is using lat, lon info and not x, y. Still the same. It worked fine in previous SNAP versions (I think it was 5 at that time I used it). I installed SNAP 5, but it doens’t open the Sentinel-2 L2 images, so I couldn’t test it. Did the format change by the way?