Batch processing overwrites the multiple outputs into a single output file?

I have been running the following simple graph over 2 disctinct S1 GRDH images.

I expected that the results would be stored into different files / folders, say i expected the write() modules to either increment the ouput directory names or even better would prefix the output files with the name of the input file as snap does naturally on RAM. I got very surprised to see that the two watermasks that have successfully been produced got overwritten into the same file name.

I would like to add that my surprise come from the fact that I selected the option “Keep source product name” which i would then expect to be propagated to the output file names …

I can’t believe that there is no way to avoid this otherwise what is the benefit of batch processing a series of files ?
Any help on this ?

Was that a too stupid question to get an answer : how to run same graph over different images and get the results into different files not overwriting each other ?

I know that is an old question, but if still looking for a solution:

And probably if you deselect the ‘Keep source product name’ before loading the graph the Write tabs you show up.