Batch Processing Problem With 6.0.0 Release



Batch Processing tool doesn’t work as intended after release 6.0.0. There were no such problems at release 5.0.0.

1) Open 2 sentinel -1 products.

2) Open Batch Processing Dialog and use “Add Opened” button. As you can see below two products are opened within dialog with the same name.

3) When I click refresh button, it works as intended. But still it does not fix the following problem

**4)**I load Graphs/Radar/Standard Graphs /Calibrate graph and run. Well there are two products and I expect 2 calibrated products. But only one product with name manifest.dim is produced.

It is not the case at 5.0.0. I guess that is a major bug and it ceases work of Batch Processing. It is not related with specific products. I tried it with different products. Not related with just calibration but more generic problem. Since all opened products look with name, all produced target products contain the same name and overwrite each other.


does this checkbox make a difference?


Unfortunately no. It doesn’t change anything, same results


Hi @marpet

Do you have any idea about reported bug above?



No, sorry. No idea.