Batch Processing & terrain correction

A week ago I found that my batch process don’t work anymore.
I looked it up, the last time my my batch processes with my xml file worked was in mid November.

The steps of my processing graph are:

  1. Read
  2. Subset (optional)
  3. Apply Orbit (don’t fail option checked)
  4. Termal Noise removeal
  5. Calibration
  6. Speckle-Filter (Lee sigma)
  7. Terrain Correction (3 sec)
  8. Write (as Geotiff-BigTiff)

on an S1B_IW_GRDH_1SDV file.

Now, I tried out what when wrong. What is the problem? No output, even after one whole day processing on an optionally subseted sentinel1 raster. One day should have been more than enough for all files, but no file was processed.
So I switched to the graph builder and loaded the xml. Same result. From there I tried:

  1. Using different PCs
  2. Using different Oses (Windows as default and Ubuntu as a new option)
  3. Using a new graph build in the graph builder instead of loading the old xml

The results are always negative.

New steps:
a) Doing I stepwise from the menu
b) remove some steps

are used to find out the problematic step.

Although I am not sure I assume the deal breaker seams to be the terrain correction.

When I use a Graph Read->Apply Orbit->Thermal Noise Removal->Calibration->Speckle-Filter->Write than it was processed for a whole Raster File on my Ubuntu laptop in 30 min or 4 min when I use a larger subset.

By the way is there a step that scales quadratically with the file size?
But when I use the graph and want to apply the terrain correction from the menu, or add the terrain correction in the graph, it doesn’t complete.
As I said, I once worked fine. :frowning:

Processing should be done using the internal format BEAM-DIMAP, you can always export in a separate step. Please check also that the recent DEM-problems reported on this forum are to blame.

I agree, this is likely related to this: Please update the source for SRTM 3Sec data as suggested here: A process related to digital elevation models is taking forever to finish

The same problem is happening to me with Meresmata. Even if I change the computer, the batch process does not work at all.
I’m curious what is going on.

Please read my last comment, directly above yours. It contains the solution.

Your comments have been very helpful.
Thank you.

Very helpful!

I still have a problem with terrain correction.
If DEM data other than SRTM 3Sec is used, only part of the data is calibrated or not at all.
And the download path of the SRTM 1Sec grid is not written in the file
I think this is the cause of the SRTM 1Sec error. :frowning_face:

you need to open it with administrator privilleges, a link is included in the description.