Batch processing time series data using Graph

I am trying to extract NDVI from a time series of Sentinel 2 data using BATCH processing and GRAPH tool.

I was just wondering whether it is possible to add INPUT file name (as a suffix or prefix) to the OUTPUT file (NDVI) while using batch processing and Graph tool?

I can run the NDVI extraction processes for a single file without any issues, where I have the option to specify the output file name correctly.

However, when I run BATCH processing (using multiple files), the output NDVI files are overwritten and getting a SINGLE output file as opposed to generating multiple NDVI files.

I would be really grateful if could share any work around it.

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I have the same issue! I tried many things (rename the output name of the file with several ways) but when I run the batch processing I receive one single file under the name of ndwi (or the one that I have put to “solve the issue”). That means that its not working properly! Does anyone know how to solve this? Since it it important for our work to have for many images several indices.

Thank you in advance for your prompt response.


Hi Dora,
Indeed, there seems to be an issue.

@lveci , @jun_lu you you have a look?.
Also at this post?
Batch processing tool - s1tbx - STEP Forum (

As a workaround you could try using the command line.
There is a guide in our wiki on how to do it.
Bulk Processing with GPT - SNAP - Confluence (

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Thank you for your prompt response. So the problem is not solved! We cannot perform batch processing through snap interface :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you very much Marpet, Bulk processing using GPT helped me to pre-process several images at once.

All I did was changing the input and output path of XML file
Used $input and $output instead of full path.

Referred to Sentinel 2 Bulk Preprocessing