Batch processing to GEOTIFF


I am trying to batch process a product that I did in SNAP to GEOTIFF. I know that you can do it in the export, but I haven’t had any luck on the read and wrtie. Any sugestions?

It’s not clear what steps you are trying to accomplish. Can you describe in more detail what you want to happen?


I have approximately 60 satellite images from PlanetScope Super Dove. I have already processed them and applied the product, but I forgot to save them in GEOTIFF format. They are currently in the standard BEAM-DIMAP Format. Is there any way for me to batch process all 60 images to change their format to GEOTIFF?

For an individual product, you can run:

gpt Write -Ssource=<input.dim> -PformatName=GeoTIFF -Pfile=<out.tif>

You can write a simble batch file (assuming you’re on Windows) like this (let’s call it

@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
FOR /F "DELIMS==" %%d IN ('DIR "%ROOT%\*.dim" /b /S') DO (
  gpt Write -Ssource=%ROOT%\%%~nd -PformatName=GeoTIFF -Pfile=%ROOT%\%%~nd.tif

and then run it from a command line like this:

convert.bat <your folder where the products are>