Batch processing with graph

I am new with graph and batch processing. Please see the graph I build. I would like to use this graph to process 30 tiles of sentinel 3 level 1 RBT.

My questions are -
Is graph looks workable?
How can I run this graph to process 30 tiles with a single command line with gpt?

Thanks in advance!

I don not think loops are allowed. You should be able to simplify the graph by making the bandmath-calculations more complex.

thank you @mengdahl
yes loop is not working because newly build bands are not able to call within a single graph for next bandmath :frowning:
however, if i want to run this simple graph with a single command by gpt to run 30 tiles, what would be the command? :slight_smile:

The batch-processing functionality under Tools will let you to run the same graph on a number of input products.

There is a guide which explains how to do bulk processing on the command line.
Probably this can help you.

@marpet thanks for your recommendation. It helped me to make a batch file and XML file. But still, I am facing some problems. No idea what’s going wrong. Please see the attached figures. Any help will be really appreciable. :slight_smile: