Batch Processing - wrong name

I have 4 directories with products from four years and I would like to apply Batch processing for every single directory. The issue is that my Graph build always set up the name of the first file from the first directory (year 2015). So my first output file from the year 2018 is named S1A_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20150303T164245.

Is this an error or is there any option to do before processing?

Thank you!

Okay! Writing the “target” to write part seems changed the first output! I think that this solved my issue.

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thank you for reporting your solution. Can you please give an example, what you changed to have the automated output names according to the inputs?

You need to write “target” (picture below). After the click on other columns (e.g. BandMaths) and coming back to write column, the name will be the name of first input image. :wink:


very good, thank you

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