Batch processor SNAP 8.0 how to define output filenames?

Hi I have created a graph to process RCM SLC data products into an ‘image map’. It works fine and I am now trying to repeatedly run it using the ‘Batch Processing’ tool. It is not clear to me how to define different output filenames for the selected input files. I had hoped the tool would create them automatically but it doesn’t. At the end of the run I get 4 products (4 is the number of input files I identified) but they all relate to the very first input file in the list–and have the same name. I noticed that in earlier versions of the tool there were some ‘tick boxes’ that I believe dealt with the naming of output files … they are no longer there in v.8.0 … I’d appreciate any info you can share … Thank You (By the way the $ORIGINAL_NAME is lost following ‘Collocation’ … I cannot figure out how to get it back in the ‘Name’ definition of the final ‘write’ operation)

do you process the graph within the SNAP GUI or with the command line?

Automated output names worked for me when

  1. I created the graph with product A
  2. I loaded all input products in the batch processing (e.g. A, B, C, D)
  3. I make sure that product A is processed first (must be at the top of the list)

The other products then received automatic names