Batching the S2 MCI

I’d like to batch process Sentinel 2 images to get to MCI (Maximum Chlorophyll Index) in SNAP 6.0. S2 MCI Processor is available under Optical > Thematic Water Processing. But when I open Graph Builder and right-click on the graph window, I don’t see MCI listed as an operator to add. Am I missing something? Are there other ways to batch process MCI?

(I tried installing the Python API in Windows 10 to tackle this, but had no luck loading the snappy library.)

My next attempt will be to use BandMaths to manually input the MCI calculation in Graph Builder.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.


please, take a look at the following post:

It is exactly the same problem but with other operator. In your case, for using gpt, the operator name is Mci.s2 instead of C2RCC.OLCI.

Thank you!

Greetings, did you manage to get this working? I have tried to do this, but Mci.S2 function can’t read the Sentinel-2 data (resampled to 20 m) from the read function. That said, I have no problem manually running the function.

The operator Mci.S2 it’s still disabled from Graph Builder.
Maybe @marpet can take a look for enabling it.
Meanwhile you can use it in gpt.
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