Best data for coniferous forest map

Hi all!
I just installed and I’m kicking the tires. The data that is available is all a bit overwhelming(that’s a good thing :slight_smile: )

Which data/analysis is best for forest classification?

I have been reading academic articles all morning looking at various models. I’m not sure where to start in Polsarpro

PolSARpro works best with fully polarimetric data, but these are not openly available in most areas (or only upon proposal). You can still try around with the available sample datasets: Polarimetric sample datasets | Institut d'Électronique et des Techniques du numéRique - UMR CNRS 6164

An example for polarimetric classification is given here: 05 - Classification using SVM in PolSAR Pro - YouTube

thanks for your reply!

following your link to sample datasets… which should i use?

How am I supposed to know this? :slightly_smiling_face:

One with large forest areas, I’d say.