Best resampling parameters for Biophysical Processor?

Hello all,

I’m using the biophysical processor to estimate vegetation indicators over a small area of a L2A product, which I crop using a Subset filter. Since both Subset and Biophysical Processor needs inputs with bands in the same resolution, I’m obliged to use the Resample filter as well.

The question I want to ask here is : does anyone know what would be the best resampling parameters to be used with Biophysical Processor? I would like to have estimates in both 10m and 20m resolutions, so I would be interested in information both up-sampling and down-sampling parameters.

Or maybe it would be interesting to pre-process the product with the recently released Sentinel-2 Super-Resolution?

For information, possible parameters for the resample are (values I’m currently using in bold):

  • Down-sampling:

    • First
    • Min
    • Max
    • Mean
    • Median
  • Down-sampling flag:

    • First
    • FlagAnd
    • FlagOr
    • FlagMedianAnd
    • FlagMedianOr
  • Up-sampling:

    • Nearest
    • Bilinear
    • Bicubic