Best stage to perform TOPS Merge


I am performing Differential Interferometry to study deformation on glacier surface. Unfortunately my glacier falls right at the edges of IW1 and IW2 of an IW SLC product.

The steps that I follow until SNAPHU unwrapping are
Open Product > TOPS Coregistration > Interferogram Generation (Including Topo Phase Removal) > S1 TOPS Deburts > Goldstein Phase Filteration > Subset > SNAPHU Export.

Could someone suggest me which would be the most appropriate stage for IW1 & IW2 merging using TOPS Merge Module? From other posts on the forum I understand I will have to individually processes each subswath for Diff. Interferogram generation and then merge it later.

Thank you.

According to my previous experience one should do the Deburst step and after that Merge could be done.