Better Map overlay?

Hi, I’m just curious if its possible to have a better world map overlay in the SNAP platform as the default one here is rather pixelated and cant zoom in to see more detail of an area as shown below.

The thing is that only few global sources are free.

You could import the OSM web map service (WMS), or any other WMS which is available in your area, as a basemap:

1 Open layer manager and click +

2 Select Image from Web map Server (WMS)


3 Enter

grafik ,

4 Select the OSM layer of your choice


5 Adjust layer order (and transparency)


oh cool thanks! not sure if there are any wms in my study area (philippines) but, can i just use google maps ? please and thank you!

currently, there are no open WMS for google maps, sorry. Sometimes, they are published by individual people, but soon are taken down again, because Google, understandably, doesn’t want others to use their service without their control.