Big SAR data processing

Dear all,

I have successful got the deformation time series of a specific creeping landslide by the snap2stamps package.

But now, I want to try to monitoring more than 30 creeping landslides by PSInSAR in a very large area (about 2 image products) from 2014 to present.

There are more than 300 images of one frame, and will increase in the future. I have tried to assemble 2 image products, but it spend too much time.
Is it possible to process such big SAR images stack in PSInSAR at one time? Or we need to crop them into many subarea and process them separately?

Another question is if we want to get near real-time monitoring data, we need to rerun the full processing steps again in the PSInSAR analysis by adding a new acquired image?

Please give me some suggestion and direction for dealing with these problems.

Thank you very much!