Binning Operator - postProcessorConfig and productCustomizerConfig


I’m working on extending snapista to support the Binning Operator (requested by @mdelgado via GitHub) and I have a few questions about the postProcessorConfig and productCustomizerConfig elements.
The UI shows how to configure the other elements while these two seem hidden and thus I can’t really understand what to provide.

@marpet would you have pointers to doc (or code) ?


They have only been implemented for specific purpose in another project. That’s why they are not documented. I’m not happy that they show up in the xml when using ‘gpt binning -h’.
Using the officially and publicly it actually needs more testing and documentation.
Both can be used to set implementation of ProductCustomizer respectively CellProcessor.
One used to customise the target product, the other to process the bin cells.
But also I don’t know how they should be exactly used. I would suggest that you ignore these parameters.

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Thanks @marpet, will do as you suggest