Biophysical Processor creates empty NaN images

I downloaded sentinel 2 images from the copernicus open hub.
I am working with SNAP 9.0.6
I was trying to get LAI and FVC values so:

  1. I subsetted those images choosing a width of 500, 200, 100 and 50 pixels around the sites I am studying and the necessary bands (B3,B4 and B8 for the biophisical processor S2_10m and B3,B4, B5, B6, B7, B8A, B11, B12 for the piophisical processor S2)
  2. I resampled them at a pixel size of 10m (for the biophysical processor S2_10m) and 20m (for the biophysical processor S2)
  3. I fed as input the resampled images to those algorithms

When I was working with subsetted images 200x200 pixels of size or smaller (never when I was working with 500x500 pixel sizes images) I noticed that often the images created by the biophysical processors were simply matrices of NaN values.
I am not posting images because I would have to post too many of them to describe the whole process
I would like to ask if it was some kind of issue of the algorithm or if I did something wrong
in the process and how to solve it.

Hello @MHorst ,
Could you provide us with the name of one of the products you used? We were unable to reproduce your problem with the products we used in our tests.