Biophysical Processor - Graph/Batch


I would like to report a bug when I use Biophysical Processor 10m. The issue is that in Batch processing every output file is named Biophysical10mOp so at the end, you have only one output file. I was trying to change xml of graph; the name of output to $target1, but it is not working. Is there way how to fix this in xml? thx!

Whenever this happens to me I select the name of the first input product in the list + some custom suffix and it works.
For example, if your input data is named

  • S2_20201010
  • S2_20201024
  • S2_20201103

    I select S2_20201010_Bio as an output and get
  • S2_20201010_Bio
  • S2_20201024_Bio
  • S2_20201103_Bio

Could be worth a try.

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No, it is not working :confused: . Several files of 20180403 in SNAP and only one file in the folder.