Biophysical Processor: script documentation for S2 10m and Landsat-8

I am looking for the scripts for the biophysical variables in the S2 10m and Landsat8 option (available since SNAP 8.0). Will these be available in the custom scripts collection (
For example, the actual FAPAR script does not contain the 10m version (

Hi Birgitta,
I don’t know where Sentinel-Hub (i.e. a service by Sinergise) takes their ideas (and code and science background) for their indices but for sure I can state that there is no direct relationship with SNAP or with the Copernicus Sentinel. They are a commercial operator working according to their own plans.

So if you have the need for something in Sentinel-Hub that replicates an existing SNAP function you should contact their support teams directly.

There’s still the chance that a knowledgeable member of this forum can provide a technical reply but do note that this forum is only related to the SNAP software.

@cristianoLopes, thanks for your reply. I am sorry, I was not aware that there is no direct connection.

Nothing to be sorry about, just managing expectations… you can probably reach to Sinergise and ask about the availability of the function you expect - they also have a forum you can try to ask there.

If I may ask, any reason not to use SNAP directly?

@cristianoLopes, The goal is to use SNAP. I am interested in the difference of “Biophysical Processor S2” and “Biophysical Processor S2_10m” (since SNAP 8.0) but could not find enough documentation (except the short help within SNAP). Particularly, I am missing an explanation on the new implementations in the ATBD (

I see you already asked Florian, so not much more for me to say. BTW, if you know how to read Java code the source code for these can be found at

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I have updated the ATBD yesterday


Great, thank you!