Biophysical Processor

Hi, I have a question about biophysical parameters.

This is the output of the biophysical processor, what do the “lai_cab” and “lai_cw” columns represent? And what do flag columns show?


Also, they’re explained in the following post,

Source of the post

and also it’s worth to take a look at this, S2ToolBox Level 2 products:LAI, FAPAR, FCOVER

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Thanks, I know cab represents chlorophyll content and lai indicate leaf area index, but why bring them together in one column? I mean the lai_cab and lai_cw columns. Is the lai_cab the same cab (chlorophyll content)? or lai_cw is cw (canopy water)? I also don’t understand the flags.

Yes, I notice it now, might be the issue is, How did you export the *csv file,

This way.

Would you please to check up the metadata, in case "lai_cab” and “lai_cw”, already together or, they’re merged through out the exporting process.

In which part of the metadata?

To be honest I don’t no, but in general, you could check up all the parts of metadata to find out where is it located, and then you could figure out , how they’re created originally.

Thanks, I’ll check.


I am exploring the idea of going into a biophysics masters program, if I can find a way to be accepted as my background schooling is in Nursing and may not be relevant. Anyways, I am trying to figure out all the different career paths that this may open up for me. I have and idea of some but there may also be some that are not on my radar. My end goal is to discover my focus and perhaps get on to some internships in this area while I try to get into school. Thank you.

hi @reza9095
The answer is probably coming in too late, but maybe might help someone else.
lai_cab is the canopy chlorophyll content calculated as a product of leaf chlorophyll content and leaf area index. The same process is used in lai_cw, which represents water content at the canopy level.