Biophysical products from Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8

Hello everyone,
I noticed that in the directory
senbox-org / s2tbx / s2tbx-biophysical / src / main / resources / auxdata / (*)

new configuration files have been added for the generation of biophysical parameters (LAI, etc) from Sentinel-2 and also for Landsat 8.

Where can I find guidance (documentation regarding these new configurations)?
Why is it currently possible to derive only biophysical parameters from Sentinel-2 and not Landsat 8 in SNAP desktop?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hi @safalabolo,

The support to Landsat8 and as well the support to different parameters for S2A and S2B satellites will be included in the next SNAP 8 release.

The computation of biophysical parameters is based on trained neural networks based on the spectral response of each satellite sensor (even small differences between S2A and S2B are taken in account), a new algorithm and training have been done to support Landsat8 products.

I hope this answer your questions.


Thank You MartinoF!

a last question:
then in the directory
Do I find the values for Sentinel-2A and 2B (indistinctly) and currently in use in SNAP 7.0?

Then, for SNAP 8,
the values for Landsat 8
the values for Sentinel-2A and 2B


exactly what do they correspond to…?
Thanks in advance for your reply

Yes the 2_1 folder contains the values for the old operator while the 3_0 for the next version.
The next version will support Landsat 8 and both S2A, S2B normal (same as the previous version) and 10m optimized (full resolution and only some biophysical parameters can be computer [lai, fapar and fvc]).

Okay MartinoF!
It’s all clear to me now!
10m optimized (full resolution) is Sentinel-2 super-resolution?
Thank You

No it is simply optimize to use only the 10m bands.


Great and Thank You very much