Biophysical variable

I am unable to process “Biophysical Processor LANDSAT8” which is available in new update of SNAP.
unable to read the input file of Landsat-8.
Plz guide me. Plz tell me which version of Landsat-8 can be readable.
Thank you.

if you download data from the USGS Earth Explorer, you can select Collection 1 Level 1 which is supported by SNAP. I haven’t tested higher level products.

Ok thank you @ABraun I am downloading Landsat-8 collection-1 level-1 data. Till now I tried with collection-2 and level 1,2 dataset. Let’s see.
Thank you for your quick response.

Still biophysical processor for Landsat-8 is not working…

can you please specify “not working”?

In the biophysical processor I have given the collection 1 and level one dataset of Landsat-8. Then it showed that it should be resampled. I did it. Then when I gave the input in Biophysical Processor for LAI estimation it is showing error that “the input file does not contain a raster with name ‘view Zenith mean’”…

yes, as written in the documentation of this processor:

For the LANDSAT8 the same approach is used, but in this case the bands used as inputs are the blue, red, near_infrared, swir_1 and swir_2 in addition to the auxiliary bands (zenith and azimuth both for sun and view)

That means you have to create the bands

  • view_zenith_mean
  • view_azimuth_mean
  • sun_zenith_mean
  • sun_azimuth_mean

with the Band Maths, based on the information you find in the metadata of the product.

in the metadata file, it is written that:
SUN_AZIMUTH = 130.2619

From this information, how will I make the bands which you mentioned above?

open the band maths and create new bands with these names and enter the value in the expression dialogue.