BioPhysicalOp, radiometric offset and gpt cli

when running the biophysical op (LAI) in a graph by gpt cli on a baseline 04.00+ s2 product, is it required to apply the radiometric offset beforehand?
If this is the case would setting s2tbx.dataio.negativeRadiometricOffset=true in .snap/etc/ (headless snap installation) take care of it?

Edit: SNAP 9

Hello Matteo,
For baseline 04.00+ S2 products, it is required to apply the radiometric offset. The S2 reader will apply it if the value of the s2tbx.dataio.negativeRadiometricOffset property is set to true.

Hi, thanks for the info. I ran a few tests and it seems the default value for s2tbx.dataio.negativeRadiometricOffset for the S2 reader in the graph tool is true, as the results only change if the parameter is explicitly set to false.
Which is a bit strange since I recall the default value for “add negative radiometric offset” option in the desktop environment being false, but I might be wrong since I’m not a big desktop user…