BiSinc 5&21 Windowing


This is my first posting to the STEP forum so hopefully I am sending my request to the proper channels. If not could someone tell me where I could post the below query?

I am curious how to get information about a problem experienced by a colleague who found banding patterns in Sentinel coregistration amplitude data particularly using the BiSinc-5 interpolation function. I am not 100% sure where this functionality is in the SNAP drop down or if it is a SNAP process at all (or some other software) so please correct me if this is so. If it is included however, could anyone tell me whether windowing was applied and what type of windowing (Kaiser, Hamming etc …) to the sinc function to suppress spectral leakage of the side bands caused by the truncation of the sinc function. I am curious as to whether this leakage may have effectively increased the bandwidth and created aliasing problems. The Bi-Sinc21 algorithm exhibited less pronounced artIfacts which I believe may be related to less leakage and wonder whether windowing would decrease this even further if it wasn’t applied (which is quite unlikely). If there is any documentation on this function could some please send me that or tell me where the link would be? Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks in Advance