Blank lines in CSV exported by SNAP 8.0

I had been using SNAP 7.0 previously and it worked completely fine. I moved to SNAP 8.0 and noticed that the exported CSV files have blank lines in them. This had happened previously too that’s why I stuck with the older version. I am wondering if anyone else experienced this. Any solutions or recommendations to mitigate this?

Can you please provide more information on what data you were using and how you generated the CSV files? There are several ways to export CSV data so this has to be clarified first.
Screenshots of the data also help us understand what you did so far.

recently there was another report about issues with the CSV export.

Maybe the export via the Masks helps you.

@ABraun I was using the .tiff file data , and exported it as shown in the figure.

These are quite large data, do you really need the entire image in csv notation? The file will become massive and hard to handle. Maybe there are more efficient and elegant ways to achieve your goal.
What process followed on the csv so far?

Maybe the solution by marpet (first create a mask) is feasible for you, especially when you don’t need all these pixels.