BMP format

hello,everyone,I want to store the filtered interferogram as a BMP format, but the following error message appears.My job is to unwrap interferograms using the branch-cut method after using the interferograms generated by the SNAP software. I downloaded the program code about branch-cut, its operating platform is MATLAB, so I need to save the interferograms as BMP, TIFF formats.

now,could your tell me how to solve this problem?thanks alot.

I think a better option is File > Export > Other > View As Image
There you can select “full resolution”.

For reasons of disk space I would recommend JPG rather than BMP.

thanks for you advice,I just tried it but it failed. The following is the code of the branch method. The input image format is complex img in.mat double format.I converted the generated interferogram to jpg format, then imported it into MATLAB and converted it into a double type. but the code could not run.

the matlab format is no real image format. Exporting BMPs or JPGs for the use in matlab won’t work.

You could try NetCDF or use the translation described here: Read IW SLC files into Matlab?

Is it possible to export the interferogram to apply the branch cut unwrapping matlab program and import the unwrapped interferogram in SNAP for Terrain correction and other final steps ?


Sorry, I forgot to reply to your message. I use SARscpae software to process data, export the generated interferogram and use the branch method to unwrap, then import the software for subsequent processing.

Thank you for your answer. So at any point you are using SNAP ? the interferogram, unwrapping and terrain correction are done thanks to ENVI ?