BOA/Water-leaving radiances


is there a way of getting BOA radiances for OLCI? I know the reflectance-to-radiance processor exists but it seems to be designed for L1 Sentinel-2 data.
I’m having some trouble finding the right parameters (U, incidence angle) for the Sentinel-3 data I’m working with and am also worried that the processor might not be valid for atmospherically corrected data anyway.

Cheers and thanks for your help!

For water you can have a look at the C2RCC processor.

Thank you! In the description it says that C2RCC determines the “water leaving radiance”, but I can’t find any option to output radiance in SNAP, only water-leaving reflectance. It’s not the same thing right?

Sorry, I thought reflectance values would be equally good for you.
In this case I have no better idea.
The Reflectance to Radiance can be used but I’m not sure about the accuracy.
I think you can use U=1, for the incidence angle you can use an average from the SZA tie-points of the L1 product and for solar flux the same. You can use and average value based on the solar_flux.
This will give you results, but I have doubts regarding the quality.

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