Building the s1tbx source


I did change the source code in this line

from final boolean onlyTopoRefPhase = true; to final boolean onlyTopoRefPhase = false;

I want to process my data with new change. So i did all instruction in the web site

First using only mvn install for snap-engine, snap-desktop and finally s1tbx without any error. but i don’t know how or where is the new installer that i have to install and use it for my processing with new change.

And i also did the Setting up IntelliJ IDEA, importing 3 module using pom.xml, also making the project successful

So when i arrived to run with the following configuration bellow to run SNAP in the IDE

Main class: org.esa.snap.nbexec.Launcher
VM parameters: -Dsun.awt.nopixfmt=true -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true -Dsun.java2d.dpiaware=false
Program arguments: --clusters
Working directory: SNAP/snap-desktop/snap-application/target/snap/
Use classpath of module: snap-main

i got theses warning even the path is correct
WARNING: class org.esa.snap.nbexec.Launcher: no module patches found for pattern D:\github\build\SNAP\s1tbx$\target\classes
WARNING: class org.esa.snap.nbexec.Launcher: no module patches found for pattern D:\github\build\SNAP\s1tbx\rstb$\target\classes

I got only SNAP interface without SNAP S1 with menu SAR processing where i want to try the change made

Any help.

Best regards

Resolved, it was maven bug

Could you provide more details about the Maven bug you needed to fix to get the S1TBX portion of modules to load in SNAP? I seem to be having the exact same problem.

How could we build sources from the git repository and runs without “IntelliJ IDEA” IDE under linux?

Plz give more information, I’ve the same problem -->SNAP without s1tbx menu!!