Built plugin fails to load and pom.xml fix



Update- looks like latest commit broke it!

The plugin wont load with a java fault as the xml’s in below folder have ‘-SNAPSHOT’ in them (from smos.nbmSpecVersion) and it appears to only like numeric characters.
(I noticed the same thing is fixed in probavbox by using a regex mod to strip it, but I couldn’t get that to work for reasons I could not work out!)

xml’s built in here specifically

--- /tmp/meld-tmpVo_HzB
+++ esasnap-6.0.0/smos-box/pom.xml
@@ -12,11 +12,11 @@

- <brandingToken>smos</brandingToken>
+ <brandingToken>smos-box</brandingToken>
- <smos.nbmSpecVersion>5.4.0-SNAPSHOT</smos.nbmSpecVersion>
+ <smos.nbmSpecVersion>5.4.0</smos.nbmSpecVersion>

[I also changed the brandingtoken to keep the naming consistent with other plugins, in the netbean_clusters folder, but that doesn’t cause a problem as such]


Thanks for the notification. the -SNAPSHOT was added there by accident.