Bulk pcocessing using GPT for time series InSAR coherence

Hi, I am working on the time series InSAR coherence data generation. Now I can run a single image pair using gpt in snap command line. But my problem is that the data in properties files containing the inputs and output should be different each time. So I would like to ask how to set up the batch script?

I have checked the tutorial in http://www.brockmann-consult.de/beam-wiki/display/BEAM/Bulk+Processing+with+GPT#BulkProcessingwithGPT-ExampleUsage but still did not get how to change properties each time. It seems that in the example usage, the properties are fixed already.

I think you should define a graph in SNAP to process coherence. Then edit the graph XML and change input file to ${input} and output file to ${output} . From the gpt command line you can then pass those variables in with the -P option: gpt graph.xml -Pinput=file.dim -Poutput=coh
If you have a stack of images then uncheck “multi master” to process them all pair wise: Coherence from slaves from many date Back-Geocoding result