Bulk processing gpt SAR writing TIF

I generate a GPF graph using SNAP to process Radarsat-2 data, encompassing tasks such as reading data from a zip file, performing calibration, applying a speckle filter, conducting multilook processing, implementing ellipsoid correction (GG), and finally saving the result to a TIFF file. The process functions seamlessly using GPT in both scenarios: when the zip file path is provided in the XML file and when input and output file paths are specified through the command line. Now, I aim to scale up the processing for multiple files. Although I’ve examined the provided example for resampling_s2, I encounter an issue with the parameter file. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

It sounds like there might be a hiccup with the parameter file. I’d suggest to make sure that it’s properly formatted and all file paths are correct. Sometimes it’s just a small typo that causes the biggest headaches. Also, ensure that your script is iterating correctly through the file list.

Thank you Michael for your reply, my wonder is what information should be included in this file. I attached the GPF file.
Radarsat2_idf.xml (3.7 KB)
Thanks again.

You setup for individual file processing looks fine. For bulk processing, the crucial aspect is ensuring that the parameter file can dynamically update the input and output paths for each file in your batch. This often involves a bit of scripting outside of SNAP, where you create a loop to feed each file into the GPF graph.

Your parameter file needs to be set up in such a way that it accepts variables for the file paths. This can be done by setting placeholders in your XML (like $input and $output), which your script will replace with actual file paths during each iteration of the loop.

Make sure your script correctly reads the list of files and updates these placeholders before each run.

Thank you Michael, I found on the forum a post by @ falahfakhri where you can do the bulk processing with only the bash file (no need to have a parameter file).

I will appreciate if they can share the bash file see how they structured the file. I follow all the steps but at the end I got GPT - command not found]

You will need to have the directory with gpt in your path, otherwise the OS cannot find it.