Bulk processing using gpt for S2-MS1


Using the script below, I can convert the virtual Chl-a band into a visible band and export it to the original product. But doing this bulk processing, it also changes the .dim product and I cannot apply bulk processing (some other process) on this .dim file. Kindly advise.

for folder in $(dir -d S2*.dim); do gpt chl.xml -t $folder -f BEAM-DIMAP $folder; done

<graph id="chl">
    <node id="ch conc">

Do you know the bulk processing guide?
Maybe it can help you. Especially the provided example script.

Yes I know Bulprocessing and the example you mentioned. I have used that example in creating the chl.mxl file.

You use for the target and the source the same variable. That’s why the source is modified.
Create new variables as it is done in the example. Then it should work.

Yes I know that but then it needs lot of storage. I wanted to save all the bands in the same folder.

Actually, the amount of data doesn’t change depending on the location where you store it.
You could change to a different output format. Maybe NetCDF4-BEAM or NetCDF4-CF.