Bulk Processing with GPT

Hello guys,

I want to batch multiple Sentinel-2 Files. For better understanding, I tried to comprehend the code which is given here: https://senbox.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SNAP/pages/70503475/Bulk+Processing+with+GPT

I downloaded all the files (.bat, .xml, .properties) and used this code at the end of the site to run the process in cmd:

processDataset.bat resample_s2.xml resample_20m.properties C:\toProcess C:\toProcess\output resampled20m

There is no output when I run this process. I didnt get any error and a directory called ‘output’ is getting created. So this works. But there are no files in here. Even if I got S2 files in my ‘toProcess’ Folder.

Thanks for your help!

Can’t really tell where the problem lies in your case, but there is another guideline which might help, because it follows a slightly different approach. It gives you less control than the one provided by ESA but it might be worth a try to recreate this first and then modify it until it does what you need: Sentinel 2 Bulk Preprocessing

From your report I understand that you have not modified the script, right?
The behavior you describe indicates that the for loop is not looping.
Maybe it does not find the directories. Have you uncompressed the S2 data? Are the ‘toProcess’ directory ‘S2*.SAFE’ folders located?

A common problem with users’ first .bat efforts is an overly helpful web display or editor that replaces ASCII quotes, dashes, etc. with Unicode look-alike characters. You can use the python set() function to check:

>>> set("`x'")
set(['`', "'", 'x'])
>>> set("'x'")
set(['x', "'"])