Bulk processing with multiple files via command line

Hello everbody,

I am new to SNAP and tried to batch multiple Sentinel-2 files from the Graph Builder. I got multiple processing steps in my calculation (subset, resample etc.) and I always need the product after one processing step (in summ eight products for one calculation).

Is there any option to batch this calculation, so I don’t need to change the output names of the products all manually? Any produced name has to be the name of the image + the processing step (resampling30, subset etc.). So it needs to be dynamic.

Thanks for you help!

It is often more efficient and robust to limit graphs to a small number of steps, so y ou may want to break your graph into a number of smaller graphs. Batch scripts offer control over product names and locations, but require some familiarity with the batch language(s) on your platform. Python and bash are available on macOS, Windows, and linux.


You should check out snapista:

Introducing snapista, a GPT wrapper for Python - Show Room - STEP Forum (esa.int)