Bulk processing with snap command line

hello, senior snapers:
I am new to using snape command line and python with snap API. NOW i am working with the offset tracking module to extract the whole velocity of antarctic.
Firstly, i have to manually pick up two GRD products with the same track and frame in the data ocean to form a pair to be continually processed with , which is energy costing. After that, i build a graph for offset tracking, while i can maximally load it for 10 times, which means that i can process 10 pairs once.
i wonder is it possible for me to automatically select out the right pairs and process them all at once with their own corespondent parameters in the command line environment.
thank you!

embarrassing… i solved it, though with a half-automatic mechanism by picking out the right pairs and building the .xml file one by one manually, then using the cmd orders executing every graph(.xml) in a FOR loop.
FOR those who is bothered by this problem or potentially will be.
Everybody ,has a nice day!


Hi! Can you share me the code to automate the offset tracking in command line. I am fairly new in coding and need to automate to process 50+ images.

Thank you!

you can create a graph file including the steps of the offset tracking and apply it to all 50 images. No coding needed actually.

fantastic tutorial on this topic: https://rus-training.eu/training/intro-to-snap-graph-processing-tool-gpt

also nice video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmpsHKOgTiw

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Thank you so much.

@ABraun I know it sounds stupid, but I don’t seem to execute the .sh file in snap command line. I am using windows 10 and bash script doesn’t run.

.sh files are made for Linux environments. For Windows, you need to save it as a .bat file