Buying MATLAB license

Hello, my friends,
For working with SNAP2StaMPS, I need to buy a MATLAB license.
Because of its high prices, I decided to buy a home license.
Matlab’s price is 95 USD., and each add-on has a price of 29 USD.
Would you help me with which add-on I need for PSI processing?
Furthermore, one question more, this license is for Matlab 2021. So, can I use this license for the Matlab version 2018a or not?

If I remember correctly, only the signal processing toolbox was additionally required. Maybe someone can confirm.

Thanks a lot, Dear @ABraun.

StaMPS cannot use GNU Octave?
Octave aims to be a drop-in replacement? Maybe someone tried it already?

@mdelgado (José Manuel) can you please provide some insight…

From the SNAP2StaMPS processing workflow, only the StaMPS processing requires matlab software, which in normal conditions if you plan to use it regularly you may need to buy a license.

However, if you want to run only StaMPS for an specific AOi , you can also run it with the 30 day trial of MATLAB, which contains the necessary toolboxes to run it freely.

I hope this helps.

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@marpet, I remember to had tried years ago and this was not the case.
It was true until some extent. Maybe now this had been improved, but I cannot say.

Thanks Dear @mdelgado
I will try it using trial version.

@Mnaseri91 you can read this link which provides detailed information for all needed software for a succesful including the matlab toolboxes. I hope this helps and gook luck.

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Thanks Dear @alib1
It was useful.

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We are adding PyRate support to SNAP very soon, which is an open-source solution. You will have to inspect the manuals to see whether PyRate can cover your processing-case.

GitHub - GeoscienceAustralia/PyRate: A Python tool for estimating velocity and time-series from Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) data.

PyRate documentation — PyRate 0.4.0 documentation (


You’re welcome, glad I can help :+1: :+1:

Sorry if the answer maybe obvious but I need to know for sure, if you have had an experience with that. What if the Trial version ends, can I reinstall it but on a different machine or maybe request an extended trial for a couple of weeks?

Otherwise, I can see that
Parallel computing toolbox
Signal processing toolbox
Image processing toolbox
Statistics and machine learning toolbox

Are all not included in the 95 USD Matlab home version and need to be purchased separately, each of which costs 29 USD. So, have anyone bought the home version with such toolboxes and rendered sufficient regarding the Snap2StaMPS software requirements? I only wanted a confirmation so that I can comfortably invest in this version without risking having a deficit version of the program for obvious reasons.
Thank you very much