Does the C2R-CC processor include the vicarious calibration in version 1.0 ?

No this will come with the next update

Hello @marpet.
I want to apply vicarious calibration on Sentinel 3 OLCI data and perform atmospheric correction with C2RCC using gpt and a processing graph.
Before I go further, I have a question: Does C2RCC processor (version 2.1, SNAP 8) include vicarious calibration?
Thank you.

C2RCC does not include gains, but why do you think you need them? They can be included in the xml for the GPT. Do you calculate your own gains?

Dear @abruescas,
Thank you for your answer.
I would like to compare the results of c2rcc.olci processor with and without gains applied. I checked this post Batch process subset, idepix, c2rcc on OLCI - s3tbx - STEP Forum (esa.int) but I couldn`t make the graph work for me. I am still working on that. First, I still do not exactly understand how gains are applied with this expression: “feq(Oa01_radiance, 913.9812317630276, 1.0e-4) ? NaN : Oa01_radiance / ${Oa01_vic}”, within the node id=“vicarious”, operator BandMaths.
I attached also the graph from that post. subset_SVC_idepix_c2rcc_update.xml (16.2 KB)
Thank you very much for your help,

Hi @serban.ioan,

I made a FAQ entry which explains how to apply SVC gains on OLCI data.
Please take a look here:

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Hi @marpet,

I am using the olci_vicarious_c2rcc.xml graph from the FAQ entry but am getting this error:

> Error: [NodeId: vicarious] Could not parse expression: 'feq(Oa01_radiance, 913.9812317630276, 1.0e-4) ? NaN : Oa01_radiance * 0.97546'. Undefined symbol 'Oa01_radiance'.

The processing still runs and data is created, but I am wondering if it is correctly applying the SVC gains? Have you seen this error before?


If Oa01_radiance is not defined as symbol, then usually the input does not contain the band. Actually also the processing should stop.
That it is still processing sounds weird.