C2RCC, Aplication

Hello to all
I am developing my thesis to obtain the degree as a civil engineer, where I am doing a multitemporal analysis of some water reservoirs in Spain, currently I have in-situ data, and good that I use the processor (C2RCC) to generate my chl maps, tsm and kd_z90max, what happens, is that I export my raster file to Qgis and I am applying a series of isoyetes to divide by area and average chlorophyll concentrations only that when I see the statistics of the raster document I come the 4 bands and I do not know which one to opt for is the correct this…
Subset_S2A_MSIL1C_20200506T110621_N0209_R137_T30STJ_20200506T145647_resampled_C2RCC_conc_chl.tif (3.4 MB)

Hi Hugo,

we cannot help for QGIS questions, there must be other forums for that. But if you are exporting one band by GEOTIFF like in the image you attached, I really do not understand what is your problem.

Is your problem that GeoTIFF --> QGIS loses the band names? NetCDF4-CF is much better at preserving metadata so for many use cases it is superior to GeoTIFF’s for transferring data to GIS applications.

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