C2RCC, C2X, C2X-complex

Hi can the default file name ending when running the C2X-complex be changed from C2RCC to say C2XC and the C2X name ending be changed from C2RCC to C2X to help identify the nets used from the file name and to prevent overwriting of an existing run of the C2* nets in the same folder, now that there are multiple possible nets it would make life simpler.
SNAP version 8.0.3

That’s a nice idea. but not easily doable. The GUI needs to react on changes in the set of the parameters. In theory possible, but then the current GUI needs to be rewritten more or less.
Also, what shall we do when other option? For example, another user might want to distinguish is RRS is the output or not.

Hi Marpet thanks for the feedback I had hoped it would be an easier option but as you point out there is no interaction between them. I would argue that it is different than the case you make regarding RRS as it is an output whereas the choice of neural net is how the output is arrived at. Often rightly or wrongly on complex waters C2RCC C2X C2XC are almost treated as separate atmospheric corrections in the sense that all 3 will be run and outputs compared along with other AC algorithms. Nevertheless as you point out the effort to benefit ratio doesn’t really stack up.

Yes, I know. My RRS example was not the best choice to express my general reservation.
if you use gpt from the command line you can introduce a variable (or maybe directly us the NN parameter). This can be used then for defining the file name.
Here I used a similar approach.
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