C2RCC : Can't open images


When I process a sentinel-2 L1C file with C2RCC, I can’t open a conc_chl or tsm image.
It takes an (infinite ?) amount of time (I waited 3h on a good computer, nothing happened).
I tried to subset my area of interest, but still, same problem. I don’t face the problem when I open any bands or an rgb product, from the original file or the resampled one.

Any idea ?


I guess you haven’t stored the result to disk, right?
You probably removed the check at ‘Save as:’:

If you haven’t saved it to disk the complete result is computed when you open the first band. If you have resampled to 10m it might be that the amount of memory is too much for your configuration. Try to save to e.g. BEAM-Dimap and then open the result.

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Thanks for it Marco !
I didn’t get it at first instance, now I understand why it took only 2 seconds to process a whole 10m Sentinel-2 image !

For some operations it works pretty good to compute the result on the fly but for others where all bands are computed at the same time, e.g. by a neural net, then it is better to store the result first.

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