C2rcc flag descriptions

I am having trouble finding C2RCC flag descriptions. I would like to know what the following flag names mean:

Rtosa_OOS Rtosa_OOR Rhow_OOR Cloud_risk Iop_OOR Apig_at_max Adet_at_max Agelb_at_max Bpart_at_max Bwit_at_max Apig_at_min Adet_at_min Agelb_at_min Bpart_at_min Bwit_at_min Rhow_OOS Kd489_OOR Kdmin_OOR Kd489_at_max Kdmin_at_max Valid_PE

you can have a look at the source code - The description of the flags starts from line 878:

Thank you!! Can you also help me find the quality flag descriptions that also show after running C2RCC:

land coastline fresh_inland_water tidal_region bright straylight_risk invalid cosmetic duplicated sun_glint_risk dubious saturated_Oa01 saturated_Oa02 saturated_Oa03 saturated_Oa04 saturated_Oa05 saturated_Oa06 saturated_Oa07 saturated_Oa08 saturated_Oa09 saturated_Oa10 saturated_Oa11 saturated_Oa12 saturated_Oa13 saturated_Oa14 saturated_Oa15 saturated_Oa16 saturated_Oa17 saturated_Oa18 saturated_Oa19 saturated_Oa20 saturated_Oa21


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