Hello everyone, I am using the C2RCC processor to compute water Quality but the question is Input required for this is

MODIS L1C product

but MODIS Provied only

Now which file is suitable to compute?

You need to process the input files with L2Gen. The processor needs Level1C data
Please have a look at the documentation:

Thanks, you are blessing for us :smile:

I’ve been using the C2RCC plugin to process MODIS imagery, and I’m wondering if the larger suite of level 2 products available for MERIS (ie spectral Kd) will become available for MODIS. Have these been added, or are there plans to implement these in a future C2RCC update? Thanks for any info.

The C2RCC for MODIS, Viirs and SeaWiFS is still based on an older bio-optical model. There are currently no plans to update the model. So this will not change in the near future.
I’m sorry to say this.