C2rcc for S2 MSI and the result of rhown was strange

I’m currently using SNAP version 9.0 and I have processed S2 images in C2RCC to obtain rhow after resampling products to 10 m. But the result of rhow was empty, and rhown was a constant for different pixels; it was just different from bands. All parameters are set as default values, except altitude (1722 m), and I try three types of NN (C2RCC-NETS, C2X-NETS, and C2X-COMPLEX-NETS), and the auxiliary data follows the instructions in the help document to set up. I use the same day, same place S3 and S2 images to extract the same coordinate data from an eutrophic lake for comparison. The S3 data was normal, but S2 has the above problem. The sets and results are as follows:

Could anyone tell me what the reason for this is and how I can improve it?

s3 result:

s2 result:

The location coordinates of the extracted data: