C2RCC for Sentinel-2 data (issues with resampled S2 MSI L1C)

I am running into some issues using C2RCC For Sentinel-2 L1C data like below:

Though I have downloaded S2 image level-1C like this:

and after resampling bands to have identical resolution with SNAP.

Does anyone have ideas about what should be the problems?

Thank you very much.

can you please describe how you resampled the product? So, which tool, which parameters, which output format…

Below is my workflow to resample Sentinel-2:
I created a graph in SNAP with 4 operators: Read / Resample / Subset / Write
1. Read Sentinel-2 image:
- S2A_MSIL1C_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_xxxxx_xxxx_xxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxx_
2. Resample:
- By pixel resolution (in m): 10
- Define resample algorithm:
Upsampling: Nearest
Downsampling: First
Flag downsampling: First
Resample on pyramid levels (for faster imaging): checked
3. Subset:
- Band 1 - 8 selected
- Geographic Coordinates defined
4. Write:
- Output saved as BEAM_DIMAP

I ran the same procedure with Landsat 8, and it worked fine without any issues.

Thank you.

Please try to run the S2 Resampling operator from the Optical menu.

Also removing bands is not good because the C2RCC operator needs many of them, so maybe you better make the subset afterwards.

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Yes, all reflectance bands are necessary also the view and sun geometry grids.
Using the S2Resampling works but it is much slower then the generic resampling and the benfit it not very big for the C2RCC.

Thank you very much for your replies. I tested them and it worked with S2Resampling.