C2RCC its not working for Sentinel 2 MSI

I am trying to utilize C2RCC atmospheric correction for Sentinel 2 L1C product. As requirement I have done resampled all the band to 10m using Raster>Geometric>Resampling>Resampling parameters>B2>done

Then I am trying Optical>Thematic water processing>C2RCC Processor>S2-MSI
It showing the following message.
Could please tell me what I am doing wrong and show me the exact way to achieve it. Many thanks for the support.


Hello @Majed07 ,

Could you provide your SNAP version? Using SNAP 9 with all updates, we couldn’t reproduce the error.
Are you trying to apply the operator on a resampled S2 L1C product? In the provided screenshot, the selected product is a S2 L2A.

C2RCC includes an atmospheric correction net and needs L1C data. I think your image is an L2A, with the AC already applied.

I think this issue can be replicated by subsetting an L1C product first before C2RCC.
Unsure what happens but whatever the C2RCC operator is looking for is lost.
A more laid out documentation/specification of what the operator requires exactly might help.

We are on it!