C2RCC L8/S2 Corrected Bands

Hello to everyone,

I would like to ask you why the C2RCC atmoshering correction is not applied on Landsat-8 SWIR bands and on Sentinel-2 Bands 7,8,11 and 12?Any idea please?

Thank you very much,

Hi Katerina,

Sentinel-2: Band 7 is provided in the rhow bands. Band 8 is a very broad band and thus less suitable for water retrieval than Band8A (which is included). The C2RCC algorithm is not workging with the SWIR bands. Thus, Bands 8, 11 and 12 are not provided as water leaving reflectance bands (7 and 8A should be in the products).
For Landsat-8 it is the same with the SWIR Bands. The SWIR bands are not included in the training of the NN for the AC, thus they are not included as atmospherically corrected rhow Bands…