C2rcc parameters

I am trying to use C2RCC to caclulate chlorophyll-a values. Do you know where can find data (paper or online data ) for the CHL exponent and CHL factor ?

I am interested for the Mediterranean Sea and more specifically for the Aegean Sea.

Thank you in advance.

There is no paper which explains these parameters in detail.
The best approach is to compare the results with in-situ data and adapt the paramters till the result is inline with the in-situ data. However, a perfect match you will probably never achieve.

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Thank youu for your answer. So your idea is to try different values for the CHL exponent and CHL factor and compare the result of the values of chlorophyll-a vlaues with in situ chlorophyll-a measurements?

Yes, that’s the idea. Because every water is different, it is duffcult to give general recommendataions.

Hi, I was also wondering why I get chlorophyll concentrations with values in a completely wrong magnitude for my study area (Western Black Sea).
The source where you can find out more about how the prcessor works is this one:

So the 5 IOPs are the main reliable output and the rest should be adjusted.
What I didn’t quite understand is if kd489, kdmin and kd_z90max should be adjusted with some parameters for the region of interest as well, or they are trustworthy?

One more question in the “Algorithm Theoretical Bases Document (ATBD)
for L2 processing of MERIS data of case 2 waters,
4th reprocessing” it mentions:

The conversion factors for the chorophyll-a have been determined by regression from water samples and
corresponding IOP measurements mainly of the North Sea.

In the regression what was the depth of the chorophyll-a that were used?

Thank you in advance.