C2RCC: Retrieving Rrs from Sentinel 2?


I have been using Sen2Cor and now recently C2RCC, which a colleague of mine finds matches very well with our field spectral data. However, I cannot reproduce his work, as I am unsure of the selections to make in the options window for C2RCC processing.

  1. I first resample all bands to 30m resolution.

  2. In C2RCC, I am choosing the product, and saving as BEAM_DIMAP, as well as checking these boxes:
    -output AC reflectances as rrs instead of rhow
    -output atmospherically corrected angular dependent reflectances
    -output uncertainties

All other items I leave standard.

  1. These are my results for Sentinel 2, displaying rrs4, rrs3, rrs2:

This is obviously (I think) wrong. Any help would be appreciated!

I can’t see anything wrong. Actually I can’t see anything :wink:
The image is a bit too small. Could you show in addition an RGB image. Ah! Or is this an RGB?
Do you had a look ad the flags. Maybe they indicate that the result is not good.
What’s the value range of the rrs. Can you show a histogram?

This (here I’ve enlarged it) actually is the RGB image of a lake(seen in white and yellow) surrounded by forest (seen in black with pink spots). The histograms for this “corrected” image are below in order of bands:

I wonder if the sun glint is too severe in this image to provide decent results after corrections?
Glint in original image:

There are also at least 20 flags, so my guess is that this correction failed through a bad image (glint?) or bad choices on my part.

Yes, it can easily be that the glint prevents good results. When looking at the flags you should look especially at the Rtosa_OOS and Rtosa_OOR. Also if the Iop_OOR flag is enabled it is very likely that the AC is also not good.