Calcul index VHI

Hello everyone, I have two question

  1. Is it possible to calculate this index with Sentinel 2 band?
    Vegetation Health Index (VHI).
  2. I don’t see band 10 of sentinel 2 L2C in snap. even after exporting I don’t see it.nbre band sentinel

to process Level 2A producs from L1C products, band 10 is used, but not converted to bottom of atmosphere reflectance: Bands 1, 8, 9, and 10 missed from sen2cor processing and here Why are some bands not computed after Sen2Cor processing?

VHI is not possible with Sentinel-2, because it is based on VCI (requires NDVI) and TCI (requires surface temperature). Sentinel-2 has no temperature band.


this is not L1 but L2C data. I wanted to reduce the image and exported all the bands in geotif. but I haven’t seen band 10 in the list

where did you get the data from? L2C sounds strange to me. Can you please share the image ID?

the images have been uploaded to the copernicus access hub

it says Level-2A, so band 10 is no longer included because of the reasons I mentioned above.