Calculate Biomass from Sentinel 1 data

I read on an article (Malenovsky et al., 2012) that it is possible to calculate Biomass. My question is : What is the satellite platform (A or B), the polarisation, the product type and the sensor mode I have to use for upload the file? And How to use this file in SNAP software? Because I don’t find any tool for work on Biomass.
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Retrieval of biomass is mostly attached to field data. There is a relationship between biomass and SAR backscatter, especially in long-wave sensors such as ALOS, but it is not transferable with a few clicks. That is why no module is available.


A strong relationship for savanna ecosystems has been found by Mitchard et al. 2009:
You can use it with caution of your study area lies in the regions of data collection but there are still variations due to seasonal effects and different canopy structures to be considered.

Additionally, the so called saturation effect prevents the estimation of biomass values above 150-300 t/ha because SAR backscatter no longer linearly responds at these values.